Le Belgique in winterWe’re happy to have people stay for a day, weekend, week, or longer. This isn’t an inflexible commercial operation that only wants bookings for complete weeks, so please contact us and let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate you if possible. But please bear in mind that we do need a bit of notice to get the keys, directions etc. to you.

Seasons & Pricing

Festive High Normal Low
£750 / week
£110 / day
£620 / week
£90 / day
£550 / week
£80 / day
£340 / week
£50 / day
  • The Festive season is the weeks that include Christmas, New Year, Easter, and UK school holidays during the ski season. High season is during the ski season (normally December through to the end of April) and the French summer holiday (August). Low season is where Chamonix takes a break and the lifts are closed for maintenance (normally October). All other times are Normal season.
  • Please bring your own towels and bed linen, and leave the place clean and ready for the next adventurers to visit. Thanks.
  • When you book we will provide you with information that explains essential facts you’ll need to know for your stay – like how to get to the apartment, and how to turn the water on and off, etc!


Le Belgique in summerPlease use the form below to provide details of your Le Belgique holiday enquiry. Be as detailed as possible to give us the best chance of helping you with your adventure…